Different Types of Direct Mailing

Direct mail is any direct mailing product sent by mail that uses post office approved materials. Direct marketing by mail is a conventional form of direct mailing using direct mail pieces that are pre-printed with direct marketing messages such as product information, company name, telephone number, web site address and other direct mail promotional information. […]

Printing process and digital printing process

With the increasing demand of apparel printing and its promotion, there are various firms offering different types of apparel printing services. Most of these companies offer high quality printing services with affordable prices. Some companies use screen printing process that is a cheap way to create t shirts. In this method the fabric is first […]

Brochure Printing – 3 Ways to Successful Printing and Designing

Designing and printing high-quality brochures are not a job for an amateur. It requires a professional approach that combines creativity and technical know-how. A good designer will be able to take an idea in one’s head and turn it into a fully functioning, polished brochure. The secret lies in the artist’s ability to think outside […]