Picking Radio Transmitter: Frsky Taranis vs Spektrum DX6i


We talked about what makes a great radio transmitter for multirotors and best quadcopter, but it’s nonetheless a tough decision for plenty new to the hobby. A few are greater luxurious but rich in capabilities, a few are cheaper and is derived with capability for masses of improvements. While artur began he bought the spektrum dx6i as his first radio transmitter controller, and currently he purchased the frsky taranis x9d plus.


This text is written via artur. In this text he critiques each tx, explains the cause why he modified his mind, and the way to pick out a appropriate transmitter for novices. Edited by using oscar.

At some stage in my zmr250 mini quad construct i left radio purchase till the very stop to recognition greater on other factors of the build. I constructed the quadcopter faster than i deliberate and i was left in a state of affairs wherein quad turned into geared up to fly however had not anything to manipulate it. I wanted a reliable transmitter, so i went to a nearby rc store in look for a radio, among the fashions to be had there was spektrum dx6i. The charge turned into proper and it become bundled with a receiver. I purchased it and it became my first transmitter.

Spektrum DX6i Transmitter Review

Spektrum dx6i with ar610

Main capabilities of spektrum dx6i:

6 channels
10 model profiles
6 two-way switches
dsmx era

To govern a multicopter or quadcopter we want 4 channels minimal (throttle, yaw, pitch and roll). Dx6i has more 2 channels that lets in me to configure additional switches: e.G. One for arming the flight controller board and every other for switching between fee mode and horizon flight mode on naze32.

Dx6i has only two-manner switches and they’re no longer very sensible due to the fact we will handiest have low position and hight function – simplest values through one channel. Three-manner transfer has additional center function, so we are able to have extra cost at the same channel.

Configuring dx6i is simple. It has a roller/selector person interface that’s excellent on hand, that makes navigating via the menu very brief and clean. Lcd screen is one of the smallest amongst different spektrum transmitters, however does the activity just pleasant. The handiest drawback of this display is the lack of led returned-light. It’s far a not unusual characteristic now for many radio controller, for a few strange purpose it wasn’t included.

Notwithstanding the reality that dx6i is on the low stop of spektrum transmitters series, it’s far very well made and feels superb in arms. Switches paintings smoothly and grip is all right. Antenna might have been shorter even though. It changed into difficult to suit it in my backpack (which wasn’t small).

From my personal perspective dx6i is a superb radio for novices aside from some lacking key features (which can be generally only visible on more luxurious fashions). As an example:

telemetry (in my view i suppose it’s miles very vital, and most effective to be had in pricey spektrum models)
three-way switches (on hand)
larger liquid crystal display display screen with backlight (very reachable)
audio speech outputs (sure, radio assume to speak by means of design isn’t it?)
more channels (it’s by no means too many)

To get a lot of these functions i wanted, i went for frsky taranis.

FrSky Taranis

What’s it that makes taranis a unique transmitter?

That is a truely surprising radio transmitter, full of many awesome capabilities, to be had best on plenty extra luxurious fashions. It became created in collaboradion with rc hobbyists so in brief: designed by means of actual fpv pilots, with pilots’ needs in mind. It runs opentx running machine this is 100% open source and constantly getting updated and better thanks to fantastic network round the world. Open supply approach that the opportunities are quite a lot endless in terms of capability. A touch instance: you could placed mp3 song and sound tracks on the radios micro-sd card, and play them by urgent one of the consumer-configured switches. What different radio at this price variety can do that? I will’t consider any.

Taranis can keep 60 models inside the inner reminiscence. This could be increased via microsd however i don’t suppose anybody could ever want that.

Three-way switches and proper high-quality sticks

This radio helps sixteen channels, and additionally outside radio transmitter modules as nicely. Which means you could run this transmitter on a exceptional frequency, with exceptional brands of receivers, or a unique radio era. That is very brilliant considering the charge.

The maximum famous receiver choice for this transmitter is the frsky d4r-ii, due to the small shape element and telemetry capability. It’s far a four channel receiver in pwm mode, but in ppm mode it can be improved to eight channels. Here to continue find all quadcopter website.

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