Software for Students: Software That Every Student Requires


In today’s technique-friendly world, computers are the backbone of almost every electronic device. Most of the people are assisted by a computer software, whether on a PC desktop, laptop, iPad or in the cloud. In such a scenario, how can the education sector remains untouched by the glory of computer software. Along with business professionals, there are a lot of software for students in the market. The common software for students are focused on preparing papers, presentations, working on papers, submitting a project or any class assignment. Below is a list of some widely used software for students, which perfectly assist them in their study life.

For documentation and reading

In student life, there is always a need to read, download or create documents of different formats and layouts. To assist the students in this process, programs like Adobe reader always come in handy. It is a program that is used to read the files in PDF format. Software called Cute PDF writer is used for creating PDF files. Not only one can write the virtual documents, but also turn JPEG image files into PDF format by using the software.

For word processing

During the student’s life, students need to write or publish papers. They often use Microsoft Word for this purpose. Although different operating systems have different versions, the students are required to use Microsoft Word while writing and mailing documents.

For presentations

Apart from submitting a research paper, students also require delivering a presentation before the mass. For such tasks, PowerPoint is the perfect software for students. It comes with the different formatting and coloring options, charts, shapes, graphics and some smart tools to customize the presentation. Further, it is quite popular in the professional life, so learning how to use it early during education is advantageous for students.

For Data Analysis

For managing data records, analyzing or centralizing the data or creating forms, Microsoft Excel is preferred by the students. This is the best software for students to input data and calculate or analyze it.

For the extras

Apart from the academic and technical work, there are some software for students that are usable depending on their personal interests like iTunes and Adobe Photoshop. These programs are used to get access to music and perform photo editing. However, such software needed to be purchased legally.

Therefore, with the technological advancements in the education sector, it has been flooded with a number of software. Irrespective of any hardware compatibility, such kinds of software tend to help the students to accomplish their academic or non-academic tasks. is a software engineer at a reputed firm that offers various IT services and website to apdm kpm software for students, business professionals and for many other applications. He has an expertise and experience of 7 years in this industry. Through his words he wants to share his knowledge over various issues.

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