Medical Tourism – A Guide To Thailand


Thailand is currently the house of medical-tourism with over 300,000 visiting 2003 rising to approximately 1.4 million in 2006. Some associate Bangkok using shining, gold temples it could be the glittering health facilities which bring the Medical Tourist.

The grade of Thailand’s health industry is shocking: Bumrungrad hospital at Bangkok treated almost 1million patients annually; 400,000 foreign patients which 120,000 originated from Europe and America.

Excellence in healthcare is now a family ราชภัฏสวนสุนันทา heritage in Thailand. The existing king dad Prince Mahidol, a U.S. board-certified physician that began the transformation from the nation’s healthcare system from the 1920s. An intimate connection with America’s medical profession remains to the very day, together with vast quantities of Thai health practitioners receiving training and board certification at the usa before coming home to clinic.

Medical excellence reaches into all elements of Thailand’s government making a truly integral way of improving standards. In the federal programme of hospital certification into the greatest standards of lab review, quality can be a critical element of Thailand’s health industry.

Heart and liver transplant first started to be performed throughout the 1980s. The heritage of world leadership in medicine has been the very day.

It isn’t only foreign expertise that’s forcing Thailand’s medical profession; an increasing pool of home grown ability is pushing against the bounds of health understanding.

Certainly one of Thailand’s most esteemed public associations, Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok, recently presented a big study on using stem cell therapy in treating acute coronary illness into the American Heart Association, cementing the states reputation as being a global pioneer in clinical research.

Industry leading technology and unparalleled heights of patient attention signify Thailand is not possible to ignore in regards to medical-tourism.

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